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Community Outreach

Giving Back and Gaining Awareness 

School Events

Inspiring Vocation

Maddie started her Mitten March when she was 10 years old. Now, as a college student, Maddie wants to inspire the next generation of kids to find their vocation and get involved with their communities. Below is a link to a list of schools Maddie has visited in the past...


  •  Schools

    • Smith School

    • Schneider School

    • Hope D. Wall School

    • Leman Middle School

    • McCleery School

    • Gary School

    • More at 4 Preschool


If you want Maddie to come and speak to your school, girl/boy scout troop, or other child-centered organization, please contact us!

Maddie's Mitten March would not be where we are today with the support and generosity of our community. Whether this be through donations of time, resources, money, or all three, we want to say thank you. 

To see a list of businesses and organizations, click the helping hands or title above.

We've taken steps to expand our reach in terms of growth and awareness through internships. We've had wonderful interns in the past and hope to continue a mutually beneficial relationship with interns in the future. Below are the internship opportunities we have as of 2019...

  • Social Media/Marketing Intern

  • Business Intern 

If you're interested in becoming an intern, please contact us! 

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