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Our Services

Accessibility and Community Support

Maddie's Mitten March is in the process of getting sponsors for these boxes. For $100 a company can put an advertisement on the side of the box for one academic year, which can then be renewed, so you can help support us and our mission.

Donation Boxes

Helping when You can

Our Donation Boxes are mini-offsite boxes where you can donate your gloves, boots, hats, coats, and scarves anytime! We will periodically empty the boxes of donations and distribute them into our community.

Recess Box

Supporting our Students

The Recess Box is a box filled with donated winter hats, gloves, and scarves which stays in the classroom and/or school.


This way if a student forgets their gloves they may borrow from the box, or if a teacher or faculty member notices a student continuously borrowing or going without a hat, scarf, or gloves the teacher or faculty member can then give that student the items from the box. We will refill the box when needed.


If you are a teacher or company representative that would like to bring the Recess box to your school or sponsor the box, please contact us with the links at the bottom of this page!.

Monetary Donation Box

Supporting our Mission

We understand that not everyone may have winter clothing to donate to our cause, but if you would still like to support us we would greatly appreciate any monetary donation.

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